Reflexology For Constipation


Reflexology For Constipation Relief


Constipation is a very unpleasant and uncomfortable (even painful) condition and when we suffer from it we need a remedy that acts fast to relieve the problem.  If constipation is a common problem that you suffer from then always seek advice from your Dr so that they can check to see there is no another cause.  

If however you just get instances now and again and need a quick relief then you will be delighted to hear that using Reflexology for constipation relief can be very effective.

First of all you need to make sure that you have been drinking plenty of fluids – preferably water and eating a good balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and less of the processed stuff and fats.

Then if this has not been sorting the problem out then you can begin to work on the feet using the Reflexology for constipation relief routine.


Routine For Reflexology For Constipation


  • First of all make sure you have got the person sitting comfortably with their feet elevated up on a chair or something simliar.  Wash your hands and then cleanse their feet using some sanitiser or wipes or surgical spirit.
  • Give both feet a massage to wake up the nerve endings and to get the blood flowing through them
  • You are going to be working using a caterpillar technique with your thumbs and you are going to follow the path shown here on the diagram below.
  • Starting with their right foot (left side to you looking at them) start at the point shown on the diagram which is approx. 3/4 of the way down the outside of the foot doing the caterpillar walk up the outside of the foot until you get to the thin part of the foot (about half way up), then walk across the foot and continue across to the other foot to the outside edge and then down to the point where you started on the right foot, then across the ball of the heel to the same point at the inside edge. See the diagram.
  • The line that this follows in reflexology terms it the line of the large intestine (colon) which is where the waste is sitting making you feel very uncomfortable.
  • Using Reflexology for constipation can be done for approx 10 minutes and can be repeated later in the day.
  • If whilst you are working on the feet any area feels painful/uncomfortable to the person then stay on this point and massage it with your thumbs – this indicates an energy blockage and by massaging it you will help the blockage to dissolve away.

IMPORTANT!  - Always follow the direction given here ie right foot first then across to the left one as this is the way the colon takes the waste in the body - it is a one way system and the reflexology for constipation routine has to mirror this.


Foot Chart For Reflexology For Constipation relief


reflexology for constipation


As a Reflexologist I would always recommend that you get a full and regular treatment once per month.  The reason for this is that reflexology for constipation relief or indeed headache relief (see here for a great short video on headache relief) or anything else relief will help in the first aid situation.  However, what your body really needs is a regular 'rebalance' and a monthly treatment will do just this.

There are thousands of qualified good reflexologists so I suggest you find a professionally qualified therapist close to where you live, making sure that they are insured for Reflexology treatments and that they are a current member of a relevant professional body.